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The Course Providers Association
accreditation scheme
distance learning courses online for students and classroom based courses in the U.K., Ireland, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa in accountancy, advanced studies, advertising, biology, business studies, chemistry, commerce, counselling, divination, education, finance, health, health & safety, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, management, paranormal phenomenon, parapsychology, physics, politics, philosophy, psychology, psychotherapy, religion, science, theology, therapy, therapists courses, training, wicca

Distance learning courses and classroom based courses from colleges catering for students in U.K. and Overseas. Course Providers is registered in England at
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The Course Providers Association Accreditation [C.P.A.A.] provides private sector colleges, academic or professional bodies, employer training schemes and tutors with a route to effective inexpensive accreditation.

The public sector in some countries controls and grants accreditation to education providers via a system based on prescription and managed by a bureaucracy. That is expensive and those costs are borne by both the student and the taxpayer. As the media often reports it can also be ineffective because the system is designed to protect the suppliers rather than the consumers.

In contradistinction, private sector accreditation is not prescriptive but uses the principles of Common Sense and is therefore applied to the process at a minimal cost to the student and at a zero cost to the taxpayer.

The C.P.A.A. membership is open to any college, academic or professional body, employer or individual tutor who subscribes to the philosophy of the Association which includes ...

1. That education whether in the classroom, distance learning or otherwise is most effective when delivered with enthusiasm and interest in the student's learning ability.

2. Occasionally students' special requirements may require a duty of pastoral care to their personal and or family needs.

The Founding Members of the Association include:

  • AET Holistic Concepts, Tennessee U.S.A.
    College of Management Science, London Great Britain
    Greetwell College, Lincolnshire, Great Britain
    Institute of Advanced Safety Management, London Great Britain
    Institute of Applied Quality Science, London Great Britain
    Institute of Forensic Parapsychology, London Great Britain
    Institute of Psychic Practitioners, London, Great Britain
    International Society of Professional Counsellors, Lincolnshire, Great Britain
    Institute of Therapies Management, London Great Britain
    Ridgeway College, Lincolnshire, Great Britain
    School of Hypnotherapy, London Great Britain
    Stratagem Philosophical Society
    Unifaculty Foundation, London Great Britain
    Wicca Pentacle Association
    Total Consultancy Services, Mumbai, India

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