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The Course Providers Association
accreditation scheme
distance learning courses online for students and classroom based courses in the U.K., Ireland, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa in accountancy, advanced studies, advertising, biology, business studies, chemistry, commerce, counselling, divination, education, finance, health, health & safety, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, management, paranormal phenomenon, parapsychology, physics, politics, philosophy, psychology, psychotherapy, religion, science, theology, therapy, therapists courses, training, wicca

Distance learning courses and classroom based courses from colleges catering for students in U.K. and Overseas. Course Providers is registered in England at
BM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX Email:

The main areas of tuition available from Association members are:
* Acupressure * Advanced Biology * Advanced Chemistry * Advanced Physics * Advanced Hypnosis * Anger Management Therapist * Applied Psychology * Archaeology * Aromatherapy * Asperger's Syndrome * Astrology * Attention Deficit Disorder * Aura Reading * Awareness States * Business Consultancy * Business Continuity Planning * Business Law * Child Psychology * Cognitive Psychology * Counselling Skills [become a Counsellor] * Creative Writing * Criminological Psychology * Critical Thinking * Depression Management * Dream Therapy * Dyspraxia * Egyptology * Electronic Voice Phenomenon [EVP] * English Law * First Aid Diploma * Forensic Psychology * Hand-writing Analysis/Graphology * Health Psychology * Health & Safety Management * Hinduism * History * Homeopathy * Human Resources Management * Hyperspace Theory * Hypnosis Hypnotherapy * Geomancy * Interpersonal Psychology * Logic * Lucid Dreaming * Management [Business Administration] * Management Philosophy * Metaphysics * Negotiation Techniques * Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] * Newspaper and Magazine Article Writing * Numerology * Nutrition & Health [become a Nutritionist] * Obsessive Compulsive Disorder * Palmistry * Paranormal Investigation * Parapsychology course * Past-Life Regression/Future-Life Regression * Personality * Philosophy * Politics * Project Management * Psychic Dreamwalking * Psychic Mediumship * Psychic Practitioner * Psychic/ Spiritualist Medium * Psychology * Psychology of Body Language * Psychology of Stress Cognition and Health * Psychometry * Psychopathology * Psychotherapy * Quality Management * Quantum theory * Remote Viewing * Retail Management * Reflexology * Sales Management * Scandinavian Studies * Science of Alternative Universes * Screenwriting * Sports Psychology * Stress Management * Tarot Card Reading * Taoist Healing Therapist * Theology and religions * Therapeutic Approaches in Psychology * Thought Field Therapy * Total Quality Management [TQM] * UFOlogy * Wicca, magic and divination * Forensic Parapsychology * Energy Therapy * Frequency Vibrational Shiatsu Therapy * Flowing Hands Energy Therapy * Reflexology * Shamanism * Psychic Development * Spiritualism * Animal Communication * Tuning Fork Therapy * Spiritual Counseling * Ion Detox * Basic Anatomy * Reikki * Light Therapy * Color Therapy * Crystal Bowls (Singing Bowls) Therapy * Astral Projection * Transcendental Meditation * Tai Chi Cha * Yoga * Feather Magic * Animal Spirits * Animal Totems * Wu Chi The Art of Fighting Without Fighting * Herbal Therapies * Spiritual Channeling * Ear Candling * Animal Medicine

If you need help in contacting a course provider or more information on other courses which may not be listed here you can email us at any time at ...

If you provide educational courses or related services and seek accreditation you can apply by email to the CPAA for accreditation of your services at To proceed to register with the CPAA please email us giving your college or educational institutes details, the courses which you provide and the level of those courses together with any other listings which your college of institution has elsewhere.

The annual registration fee includes the setting up of your course entries on all of the relevant pages. The annual fee is 125 sterling. Amendments can be made to your advertisement entries for 12 per entry.

Upon being accepted, you will be sent a subscription code where you can enrol via Paypal. The following subscription links can be activated on receipt of that code:

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