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Distance learning courses and classroom based courses from colleges catering for students in U.K. and Overseas. Course Providers is registered in England at
BM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX Email:

There are 19 courses available from these providers...

The College of Management Science London WC1N 3XX

Psychology; Applied Psychology; Child Psychology; Psychology of Body Language; Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships; Social Psychology; Health Psychology; Sports Psychology; Forensic Psychology; Criminological Psychology; Theoretical Approaches in Psychology; Stress, Cognition & Health; Psychology of Lucid Dreaming; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Aspergerís Syndrome; Psychology of Awareness States; Attention Deficit Disorder; Dyspraxia; Psychology of Counter-Terrorism
You can email the College for a detailed syllabus for any of these courses at or visit their main sites at
If you would like to view a syllabus online please visit

The School of Hypnotherapy provides courses and training in advanced hypnotherapeutic applications. You can visit our web site at

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